Our buildings

Our projects are evaluated, conceived, designed and followed under our direct and detailed supervision. The group of engineers and architects and all the figures that collaborate with them, follow step by step the execution of the project until its completion.

This approach allows us to deliver to the customer an excellent product that meets exactly the initial design, with no surprises and high expectations. Each construction phase is performed in a state-of-the-art manner, adding value to the final result and becoming a real gem in the surrounding area and respecting the places and people: those are the new living spaces of tomorrow.

Each Chiancianesi & Longoni’s project is designed with a philosophy of power-saving, because this means respecting the environment.  There are many factors in the design and construction that influence the energy performance of a house: the shape and orientation and materials of construction. The environment is respected with the continuous development and research of materials and technologies: instruments that make a house a home, energy-efficient and more livable. This is the evolving challenge in the modern sector, that Chiancianesi & Longoni has fully embraced and integrated into its mission.

The firm provides its customers with the purchase of a property that acquires more and more value in the future. The service is complete in order to ensure this right added-value, indispensable to anyone who wants to invest in real estate. The process is simple and effective: immediately assess the terrain and the location, which are indispensable to the final result of a construction that does not downgrade over time, then choose the best design practice that fit the environment and follow it in every detail. The Firm's clients can benefit from the best architects for a total customization of their property and be followed in every need, from handling bureaucratic banking practices to notarial advice.